Data examples

A collection of simple python notebooks to help me remember how to access publicly available ocean data sets and make simple plots. Many of them use xarray – possibly to the exclusion of other tools that might work (but xarray is the best!). The code can be viewed on my github page

Almost all the examples are things I’m learning from others expertise on the web, and for sure all the tools are due to the expertise and effort of others! So thanks!!

Some are just scratch paper and not fleshed out at all.

Many of these are examples I use(d) in my integrated ocean observing class. Hopefully contributions from students to follow!

Examples include:

  • plotting ocean color from ESA and NASA
  • accessing and plotting optimally interpolated SST from NOAA
  • loading and plotting high resolution output from a data-assimilative ROMS model (DOPPIO)
  • access and plot surface currents from HF radar stations or the OSCAR model
  • Look at slices of the ocean from the World Ocean Atlas

Hopefully by clicking the following badge you can run these notebooks without installing anything!: Binder

(seems to take a long time to load)